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How this tool can help YOU:
Gain a better reputation
Why keep dealing with grade D customers that are never satisfied and willing to provide some feedback or referrals when you can be working for grade A customers who are raving fan clients. People trust online reviews just as much as they trust their families opinions this day and age, so be choosy with who you do business with!
Earn Higher Profits
Grade D customers only care about accepting the lowest price quoted to them— they don't care if you make money or not! Kick those customers to the curb and gain more grade A customers who want to pay you fairly because they see your value— they understand business and come to you for your craftsmanship and professionalism.
Get Time Back
Instead of wasting your time running and back and forth doing everything possible to make the grade D customers happy, kick them to the curb so you can spend time getting more grade A customers or rewarding current grade A customers instead! 
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